Sunday, May 1, 2016

Foreign media: Android is Apple's biggest advantage

Foreign media: Android is Apple's biggest advantage

Foreign media: Android is Apple's biggest advantage

  Today, in everyday life, we need to regularly update your phone system to fix the inherent Bug, fix security vulnerabilities protection system. Many people will say now Android operating system is a big step to catch up with iOS, undeniable that we have seen progress in Android, however, foreign media say that, from another point of view, but Android is Apple's biggest advantage.
  Android and iOS

  Foreign media said, according to Apple's latest data show that iOS users now use the latest system coverage is very high, there are already 84% of users have updated to the latest iOS version. Meanwhile, Google released by the system update rate of the impression that the situation is still worrying, more users are still stuck in the older Android systems.

  In terms of Google systems become more fluent, foreign media that, although Google is trying every month released a security update, but Android system vulnerabilities are more likely to be found is still a problem, and fragile Android ecosystem even more so many users feel helpless, from this point on, as long as Android can not catch up with iOS, so long as a comparison, it is clear that Apple's advantage will be highlighted.

  Foreign media on Apple hardware that Apple tends to be more conservative, and even in some of the hardware is already higher than the competition, but Android smartphones, however, Apple's iOS system will always be their trump card, and Apple in recent times repair Bug's reaction is a lot of people feel satisfied, iOS system Android contrast Another advantage is that you do not need to wait for handset manufacturers and operators to spend a lot of time to test and then slow to update the system.

  After all of the above argument, if you want to make as much as possible away from the mobile device security threats and defects when timely processing of, or access to a single source system update, you may choose only the only the iOS. Of course, because it is with such visual comparison, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of the iOS system, Android can also be found advantages and disadvantages, and only healthy competition, will have greater progress.

  For the foreign media to look like, what is your opinion of it? In my case, after reading this theoretical argument in favor of the foreign media.
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