Thursday, April 21, 2016

Forbes Comments on the New MacBook: price slightly higher overall okay

Forbes Comments on the New MacBook: price slightly higher overall okay

Apple has finally updated the 12-inch MacBook laptop. It believes that its updated results are not surprising, but predictable. According to Apple's official description, 2016 MacBook models equipped with the latest Intel processors, better graphics performance, faster memory, adds an hour battery life, and has a new rose gold color.
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  Specifically, the 2016 MacBook models equipped with Intel's sixth-generation micro-architecture Skylake Core m3 / m5 / m7 processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 515 graphics processing unit, GPU performance increase of about 25%, the use of higher memory frequency 1866MHz LPDDR3 type, PCIe flash upgrade from last year's PCIe 2 to PCIe 3, battery life adds an additional 1 hour.

  For the new MacBook improved recently "Forbes" published the latest comments, claiming that the new MacBook although no major breakthroughs and improvements, but in addition to price slightly higher than the other are within a reasonable range, quite good. So in the end, Forbes specifically, how the new MacBook evaluate it?

  No major breakthrough: the physical design remains unchanged, slim design is still only designed a USB Type-C interface. This is often criticized, from the first generation MacBook has never stopped. Since it is a radical change, it is impossible to please everyone, as early as 2008, when those who witness Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Air, you should know how to Air has been much criticism after the really popular. So, please give MacBook more time.

  Forbes editors said that he fully endorsed the Apple MacBook design, saying they got 12 inches MacBook first time, the first time to buy a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter converter tested and found to be simultaneously connected to a Dell USB device results 4K displays and other external use all normal. About poor performance problems we complain, in fact, previously tested with the small size of the laptop does not significantly different, even carrying Skylake core DELL XPS 13 and the Core i5 MacBook Pro, the actual gap is not very obvious.

  Experience: MacBook selling point is obviously the keyboard and portability, the only thing a USB Type-C interface is not to say, Steve Jobs was questioned in 2008, now in 2015, the same doubts and criticism or to appear on the MacBook. Visually, this is Apple's smallest and thinnest Mac, close the lid, just 12 inches the iPad . Speed ​​is not slow to use, no heat, life is to force, overall very good.

  MacBook keyboard is the essence of design, 40% thinner than the traditional keyboard sounds like a disaster, such a thin little key away. But after the experience found it to be one of the best keyboards on the light of this, but will not enter the exact key process is short and stiff, typing a long day still enjoyable. As for portability, portable MacBook is really too easy, put the bag is difficult to feel the weight has increased significantly, and you usually put into a tablet is no different.

  Forbes editors concluded that, even if not the most portable MacBook, the longest battery life of a laptop, but the go moderate use of experience satisfying, if you are looking for a thin and light laptop, performance and battery life and only a little sacrifice not really care, then look no further, I chose MacBook.

  MacBook future: seeking truth from facts to say that Apple's future is not a MacBook, but more likely to be iPhone or iPad Pro such mobile devices. Therefore, the future in a thickness less than 7 mm minimalist iPad Apple will incorporate more unexpected features, even if Intel's latest notebook processor priority to life, people pay more attention to the next or the same performance, better battery life and thinner device of.

  Forbes editors that the price would be one of MacBook issues, just as the original MacBook Air. The base model of the new MacBook (1.1GH CPU + 8GB RAM + 256GB storage) is priced at $ 1,299, high-end models (12.GHZ CPU + 512GB storage) is $ 1599, and the first generation of flat, but for the mass market, is barriers, many consumers are more easily accepted. If the basic models can be reduced to $ 1,000, the price is more reasonable.

  However, we may have forgotten, the original MacBook Air was born, the old hard drive with ZIF connector is priced starting from $ 1,799, while the 64 GB flash memory pricing is as high as $ 3,000. What now? MacBook Air starting from $ 899.
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