Thursday, April 21, 2016

FBI cracked iPhone admit I really do not consider the lack of technical strength escape big God?

FBI cracked iPhone admit I really do not consider the lack of technical strength escape big God?

April 21 news, FBI (FBI) on Tuesday admitted that from a technical point of view, the strength of this, the agency is still lagging behind, and because of this weakness, the agency around cryptographic smart phone also appears related to the investigation We are lagging behind.
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Deputy Executive Director of the Science and Technology FBI Ami Heath (Amy Hess) represented at the hearing of the US House of Representatives lawmakers, "such a solution, ask our staff with high technical strength, but also need to be equipped professional funding source , but now we can not meet that requirement. "asked whether the FBI may develop these techniques, he said Heath replied," No, I think the possibility of such an approach is unlikely. "to solve these problems, FBI asked Congress to increase the $ 38 million budget, as in the 2017 fiscal year to better address the problem of encryption technology. Thus, the relevant budget will amount to nearly $ 70 million.

The hearing will be held, the FBI gave up against Apple after the company's public dispute in judicial proceedings month. At that time, FBI asked Apple to write new software for investigators to bypass some of the iPhone mobile phone security features. House hearing on Tuesday, Apple and FBI officials were sitting in different groups, as they focus on issues related to last month started fighting that.

For a long time, FBI has been trying to persuade technical experts to the agency office. In fact, private companies tend to offer higher salaries, while government jobs often face intense and arduous background check procedures. More importantly, in the past 10 years, FBI has been no recruitment of those who smoked marijuana or other illegal drugs in the last three years when the job.

At the same time, FBI also encountered some network technology officer job-hopping phenomenon. Earlier this year, consulting firm Berkeley Research Group has poached from the FBI Christopher Tarbell (Christopher Tarbell), Thomas Kiernan (Thomas Kiernan) and Ira Van Youmu (Ilhwan Yum) and other technical experts. In addition, former FBI computer network and special operations department head Leo Ta Diao (Leo Taddeo) are leaving last summer, now chief security officer at security software company Cryptzone. Worked in FBI's computer network multiple jobs work Mother Joseph Demarest (Joseph Demarest) also resigned last fall and instead joined Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young).

Currently, FBI recruitment of technical experts yet on this issue fatigue comment. However, earlier this year, the White House has said that the US government plans to help those who joined the federal government's Internet security experts to pay off student loans, in order to motivate them to join the US federal government. New York State Police Information Department official Thomas Jia Ladi (Thomas Galati), "said the private sector can provide a lot of opportunities, and therefore, I think, the best people often choose the private company, does not think the government sought an official post. "
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