Friday, April 22, 2016

Fans look forward to the eyes of the five characteristics iPhone7

Fans look forward to the eyes of the five characteristics iPhone7 

 In less than six months, Apple's next-generation flagship smartphone the iPhone . 7 will debut, it will be the tenth generation of Apple's flagship product, iPhone7 in your mind what it would be like? Of course, SD card slot, USBType-C interfaces such things, temporarily not to think about, after all, is not so realistic. Here are some user comments for a fan in a variety iPhone7 Some expectations.
Fans look forward to the eyes of the five characteristics iPhone7 there to satisfy your heart water do 

 -Wireless charging

  If there is a more compelling reason to make iPhone7, wireless charging will be one of them. At present, the technology has been widely applied to the Android smart phone, added iPhone is a natural thing. Although wireless charging also have a negative side, is the need to purchase additional wireless charging accessories, but in any case, but also better than every time you want to insert the Lightning cable easier.

  If Apple really want to eliminate the possibility of a 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless charging even higher, after all, many people can not listen to music while charging harness. Of course, a lot of fans do not want Apple to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. As for Apple wireless charging form is not yet determined, it said to be long-distance wireless charging technology, charging location can be more casually, but in any case want to market more convenient than it is now.

  -fast charging

  This is the most exciting flagship Android camp a major function, the machine has a lot of use of two hours five minutes charging effect. More practical to say, generally within 30 minutes can be charged to 40%, at least 1 hour to charge to 80% capacity. I believe that many fans certainly encountered such a situation, that is, when a sudden need to go out and found his iPhone has enough power, then this time fast charging can play a role. Apple Watch rapid charging effect, hoping to iPhone can also be added, to prepare for contingencies.

  - Longer battery life, thinner shape than

  iPhone6s a thickness of 7.1mm, this has been very slim, so most fans do not want to continue iPhone7 thinner. Apple obsessed thinner device is not false, but in order to join the 3D Touch function, iPhone6s actually increased thickness of 0.2mm, in addition to Apple's description of the machine made thin also consider other factors. Thus, fans hope that Apple will not be too focused on thin, but more should be concerned about battery life, or high-capacity battery.

  There are rumors that iPhone7 be terribly thin, only 6.1mm thickness is like the iPod touch it, but to be honest, iPod Touch so thin, without Daitao did not feel so comfortable. In short, life is a big problem, not the fans want to spend six or seven hundred dollars to buy heavy SBCase, it is not too ideal choice, unless the situation is really taking a trip next will consider.

  - Shatterproof display

  iPhone6s spend a 7000 series aluminum alloy body is more durable, harder and better to avoid being bent, but the screen is still fragile. So, there are fans that, iPhone can actually consider shatterproof glass reinforced layer, and play a more durable effect. However, where the focus is "anti" effect, it is unlikely to be completely unable to break things. More fans that hope someday, iPhone is no longer so delicate, people can not bare Daitao use will not have any psychological burden.

  - Ultra-narrow bezel

  iPhone6s vaginal discharge so many users feel uncomfortable, but in fact there are fans unhappy frame of the screen, in contrast to the other camp, the same size of the machine, you can clearly see the iPhone significantly more bulky body. No one knows why Apple does not consider long-term reduction in the width of the iPhone screen border, but since Apple is famous in the design, do not difficult, more compact design is clearly more comfortable grip, and will not 5.5 inches of the iPhone into the belt It was uncomfortable, difficult or even your pocket.
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