Friday, April 22, 2016

Extensify: Strengthen third-party applications without jailbreak

Extensify: Strengthen third-party applications without jailbreak

Familiar friends all know jailbreak jailbreak widget can only bring some cool features for the system, but also to improve the function of some applications on. The application of a product called "Extensify" recently appeared, it enables users without escape, for some popular third-party applications to supplement the functionality of these applications include the popular Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

It is not so much an application, it is better known as a "widget store" more accurate, and we are familiar with "plug-in" different concept, Extensify does not require the user's device to escape. There is a plug-in for Extensify own title -Exos. Apple in June last year opened the side-load iOS applications on Xcode7, thus making Extensify implementation as possible.

Extensify not to iOS system and built-in functions or modified, but it can add extra functionality to certain iOS applications. Such as Phantom, Snapchat is a popular plug-in, it can make the user to save media files to your camera roll, enter a longer description text, change the font size and color.

After the application has been modified Extensify and other applications, as will appear in the main screen, but these applications will add "+" sign after the name to show distinction. In fact, before running iOS9 beta of the iPhone will be able to perfect the use of Extensify, but the official version of Extensify still need to wait for some time to come.
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