Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Double whammy" Apple Watch sales have plummeted

"Double whammy" Apple Watch sales have plummeted

 Beijing April 22, according to "Fortune" online edition reported, Thursday, ITG Investment Research senior analyst at market research firm Goldman Matthew (Matthew Goodman) published Investment Report said that Apple's second quarter Apple Watch sales ring than the first quarter plunged 40 percent. He said that if the US also weak global sales, Apple Watch second-quarter worldwide sales of only 3.1 million.

  Apple did not comment.
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  Apple last year launched high-profile Apple Watch, it can run the application, of course, can "chime." Apple has not disclosed sales of Apple Watch, saying it will make competitors gain an advantage. Analysts and market researchers have been through the analysis of its supply chain, availability and other factors, suggesting that Apple Watch sales.

  But in any case, Apple Watch performance seems better than most of its competitors. Market research firm Juniper Research released a report in January 2015, Apple Watch smart watch market share of 52% over competitors including Samsung. Although the media reported that the first three months of this year, Apple Watch sales fell considerably, considering Apple's first quarter contained the Christmas shopping season, it is also reasonable.
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  Apple still bullish on Apple Watch, said the strong demand for it. Apple on the new product launch in March touting Apple Watch, and the entry-level model price down to $ 50. Apple also released a new Apple Watch strap.

  According to Goldman said the price cuts Apple benefit. He wrote in the investment report, compared with the prices the previous week, the first week after the price Apple Watch US sales increase of 1 times. Goldman pointed out, however, a week after Apple Watch sales to decline to previous levels.

  Apple Watch sales is not easy to guess. Although Goldman believes Apple's first quarter sales of Apple Watch, "4.7 million -500 ten thousand," Other analysts believe the figure at between 3.1 million -1050 million. In January this year, analysts estimate Apple's first quarter sales of Apple Watch an average of 5.8 million, higher than Goldman estimates. But the outside world will not know the real sales of Apple Watch.

  Goldman Bearish recent Apple Watch sales, said he did not believe "The new strap can pull Apple Watch sales," but he believes that as the market matures, consumers are aware of the value of smart watches, Apple will be able to Apple Watch reap benefits. He wrote in the investment report, "We believe that the use of scenarios and popularity of Apple Watch will increase significantly."
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