Monday, April 18, 2016

Do not forget there are rumors that Apple iPhone7 Plus Summary

Do not forget there are rumors that Apple iPhone7 Plus Summary

According to US media reports, Apple will release later this year, the iPhone . 7, although it would give a lot of attention to the phone, but the phone flat iPhone7 Plus should get the appropriate attention. Apple decided to release in conjunction with traditional phone smartphone tablet proved largely successful, iPhone7 Plus Apple is expected to become the best and most sophisticated mobile devices.
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iPhone7 Plus design leaked

And any major release of Apple products, like around iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus leaks and rumors have continued. The latest news iPhone7 Plus provides a picture of the Japanese website Macotakara said message source is a wide network of people Catcher Technology. Image display, iPhone7 Plus will have dual cameras and Smart Connector cable.

Smart Connector seems to be to let iPhone7 Plus and keyboard, as the iPad Pro same. This may be related to a mixed response to the recent Samsung will produce smart phone / laptop products Galaxy Note6 rumors. Although the legality of such pictures has been in doubt, but hinted iPhone7 Plus possible to use a rare design. In addition to dual-camera settings, it is also worth noting that the back of the device does not have a vaginal discharge, which also confirmed another rumor.

Phone tablet shell

Earlier this month another rumor leaked pictures show, iPhone7 on Plus shell no vaginal discharge. Pictures also show, iPhone7 somewhat similar iPhone6S, but hide the headphone jack. Apple will cancel about iPhone7 Plus headphone jack rumors have been circulating for a long time, and will become a standard feature of the iPhone. It is believed that Apple will replace the headphone jack with some wireless technology, Beats trying to pay more attention to the brand and technology.

Further image shows a camera slot, suggesting a possible dual camera. But I do not know whether this will lead to the camera continue to highlight the surface, as iPhone6S same.

Camera and antenna

However, Mac Rumors think iPhone7 Plus will no longer have iPhone6S outstanding camera. The media also said, iPhone7 Plus behind the plastic band will complete disappearance, because Apple developed the technology to make a wireless signal is not affected.

Three versions

At the same time, the report strongly suggests iPhone7 Plus will be published together with the other two versions iPhone7. In addition to standard iPhone7, Apple will launch iPhone7 Pro. Thus speculation dual cameras and other high-end technology will only appear on iPhone7 Pro, or also appears on iPhone7 Plus.

Other specifications

Widely predicted, iPhone7 Plus will be the first Quad HD screen, compete directly with the Galaxy Note, but there were reports that Samsung will be upgraded to 4K resolution this year. Rumors also pointed out that Apple consider publishing curved screen version of iPhone7 Plus. The product is also considered borderless screen, may make it smaller and larger than the screen.

Apple is also expected to significantly increase battery life iPhone7 Plus, because the current phone tablet criticized. Also iPhone7 series will improve memory, 256GB version introduced iPhone7 Plus. Finally, Apple could introduce new technologies, including wireless charging.

Release date and price

Apple is no reason to change the release date, it may release in September this year. Apple is expected to also freeze at least iPhone7 contract price since last year iPhone6S see prices rose. IPhone7 Plus is expected in September, listed, along with the release of some exciting new features and higher specifications.
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