Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chuan Apple has teamed up with Samsung iPhone7s will spend OLED screen

Chuan Apple has teamed up with Samsung iPhone7s will spend OLED screen

 People have been been speculating, the iPhone whether or when to give up the LCD screen, while the use of OLED screens. Recently, South Korean media said the news from people with disabilities, Samsung's display division has signed with Apple, Apple will provide 100 million annually 5.5 inches OLED display, this means that the upcoming iPhone7 expected to achieve the first.

  Industry watchers expect: duration of the agreement between Apple and Samsung will be at least three years, the total price of the contract will reach $ 2.59 billion. This message is a message in early March this year coincide. At that time there was news that Apple will be using OLED displays in 2017 launched iPhone.
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  If the message is accurate, it will be the first time in Apple's products use a large area OLED screen. Prior to using the technology of Apple products only Apple Watch.

  In fact, the exposure of the message is also expected. Roughly the same as a year ago, the news that Samsung set up a 200-member team, the purpose is to capture the various Apple uses OLED screen difficult problem to win the Apple orders.

  Also in November the United States Universal Display Technology CFOSidney Rosenblatt remind investors, Apple's 6, 7 years ago, it has applied OLED patents. He pointed out that although the supply chain capacity at least until 2017 to meet the apple, but he pointed out that because Apple management team attached great importance to the impact of OLED body thickness, power, color contrast, so Apple uses OLED screen is only a matter of time. Universal Display is also one of the beneficiaries of this transaction. Because Samsung devices already started using OLED screen, so Samsung Display is their biggest client.

  Whether the deal will be affected by other vendors?

  After the news came to light LG Display shares fell about 6%, but in November last year, there was news that Samsung has become the sole supplier of OLED iPhone screen.

  In addition, we should also know that Apple company in order to reduce the risk, the general will expand the supply chain, not only in cooperation with a supplier. Last year Apple Watch just listed LG OLED is the only supplier, but in October last year to the list of suppliers increases, Samsung will move to diversify the supply chain for Apple is what we must be.

  January this year, the Taiwan media "Focus Taiwan" reported that Apple plans to invest in Taiwan's AU Optronics screen supplier for the future iPhone production of the corresponding OLED display. Sources also exposure Foxconn last year to spend $ 2.6 billion investment to build a new plant specifically for the production of display panels to Apple. This factory Foxconn Innolux and joint investment, specifically for Apple's smartphones and wearable devices produce OLED displays. And although LG did not get Apple's OLED orders, but with Apple's use of OLED screens, LG is still possible to enter Apple's supply chain.

  Regardless of the ultimate success of which suppliers can get Apple's orders, but we have to determine, iPhone uses OLED screen has become unavoidable, and now look at when Apple will release such a product.
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