Saturday, April 16, 2016

BNM HTC10 restocking Xiaolong 820 version or sold 5000+

BNM HTC10 restocking Xiaolong 820 version or sold 5000+

At noon today, we reported that HTC will launch using Xiaolong 820 processor BNM HTC10 smartphone.
And this afternoon, HTC HTC10 quickly back on the shelves of a smart phone, a new phone not only removed the "Lifestyle" logo, will officially replace Xiaolong processor 820. As a result, HTC10 BNM appeared in two versions, HTC10 and HTC10 Lifestyle.

In addition to processing to replace Xiaolong 820 outside the memory section has been upgraded, reaching 4GB capacity, storage space is reached 64GB, 2TB maximum support memory card expansion.

On the other hand, exposure and afternoon "Xiaolong 820 version HTC10 the National Bank does not support LTE Band 39" identical to the official page of the Band 39 mention, mobile users, please silence.

HTC is now the only way to get rid of the rest of the price of infamy on the present HTC10 Taiwan version of the predetermined price of 4,800 yuan, according to HTC's usual style, Xiaolong 820 version of the National Bank HTC10 price should be higher than the 5000 yuan.
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