Thursday, April 14, 2016

Be careful! Snowden iPhone would have been predicted global

Be careful! Snowden iPhone would have been predicted global 

While Apple and FBI war has ended, but there are some follow-up questions, especially how exactly FBI cracked iPhone5c criminals, not only the outside world is very curious, but also to Apple and other iPhone users uneasy. Snowden sound again today, to make predictions about the future development of this event will be to what extent.

  US National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden former employee (EdwardSnowden) today via Twitter released their forecasts, said FBI had refused to close the security hole used to crack iPhone5c, which will lead to the end of the global iPhone suffered sexual assault.

  After two minutes Snowden added that he personally believes that we will be the fastest at the end of August to see the prophecy come true. FBI has repeatedly stressed that he can not break this iPhone5c, but Snowden think this is nonsense.

  Although the FBI did not acknowledge the positive, but is widely believed to be crack assistance Israeli security company called "Cellebrite" provided. The latest news shows and perhaps another expert, may be a mysterious "gray hat" hacker group allegedly mastered the 0-Day Vulnerability thus break this iPhone5c.

  Apple still does not know if the FBI, or a process to help crack FBI team behind and used a loophole in the future may really like that make iPhone Snowden prophecy, iOS device, facing a greater threat.
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