Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Avoid A9 chip door reproduction? Chuan Apple will use

Avoid A9 chip door reproduction? Chuan Apple will use 

Avoid A9 chip door reproduction Chuan Apple will use

TSMC is currently provided by Apple A9 processor using 16nm manufacturing process, but the next year, we can see TSMC 7nm craft product. According to Taiwan media reports, TSMC to its 

shareholders on Tuesday said they planned to pilot production in the first half of 2017 7nm chip, and a year later - that is, the first half of 2018 so that 7nm chip into large size production.
Avoid A9 chip door reproduction?  Chuan Apple will use 7nm chip .jpg iPhone8
  Reported that there are now more than 20 manufacturers are interested in TSMC 7nm production process, in which 15 chip has been designed, and hope to put into operation in 2017, now Apple is within the list is still unknown.

  If no accident, TSMC 7nm production process is expected to be used in mobile chips, after all, the vendor is currently working on Apple's supply and A9X A9 processor. Previously there have been as many reports that this fall of Apple's flagship smartphone, which is the iPhone are equipped with 7 A10 chips will be solely responsible for TSMC. A9 chip supplier currently a total of two, one is the use of 14nm process, Samsung, and the other is to use TSMC's 16nm process.

  As to whether the 2018 flagship iPhone will use 7nm chip technology, there is no more reliable a statement. However, it touches on some rumors that Apple would only consider 10nm process chips.
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