Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Apple's vice president of Tesla succeeded pry engineering poached

Apple's vice president of Tesla succeeded pry engineering poached

According website exclusive reports, Apple has hired Tesla former vice president of engineering Chris Porritt (Chris Porritt) responsible for a specific project with Apple Car electric car-related. It is reported that Chris Porritt responsible for the development of the Tesla Model S and Model X.

  The report said Porritt will become the highest-level management staff Apple Apple Car project will replace the person in charge of Apple's most mysterious "Project Titan" project before Steve Zadeh Chomsky (Steve Zadesky).

  Porritt had before Land Rover (Land Rover) office, also in the Aston Martin (Aston Martin) served as chief engineer, worked on One-77, V12 Zagato and Aston Martin DB9 cars and other research and development. In the Tesla Model S is responsible Porritt and X platform, and Model 3 chassis related work.

  It reported that Apple's product development engineering director Albert Tech (Albert Golko) and engineer Sanford Emery (Emery Sanford) and so will report Porritt.

  Although Apple has been in the automotive sector to recruit talent, but so far, Apple has never recognized is developing electric vehicles. According to the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) reported on Monday that Apple is developing Apple Car electric car within a secret laboratory in Berlin.

  The report quoted informed sources said Apple in Berlin has a secret laboratory dedicated to the development of the car. The laboratory has 15 to 20 employees, who are from the German car industry, with engineering, software, hardware, and sales background.
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