Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Apple's products are rejected, "the six worst toxins"

Apple's products are rejected, "the six worst toxins"

Apple's products are rejected, "the six worst toxins"

 Environmental issues have increasingly been everyone's attention, after all, only one Earth. And it is clear, if the quality is not up to those technology products or the use of some toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process, then not only the impact on the environment, but also a threat to our own health. Environmental Responsibility in the annual report (PDF), Apple lists a menu, they gave us a bit of what science is "the worst toxins" Of course, these chemical elements will not appear in Apple products.

  "We have examined more than 10,000 individual components, and every day we will get more data." The report said. "And on the component chemicals assessment, also help us to understand their impact on our health and the environment, if we do discover an unacceptable risk, we will seek alternatives or completely abandoned this substance. "

  Next, let us look, in the end is which six kinds of chemicals are included in this list.

  Arsenic: commonly known as arsenic, is a non-metallic element, which is generally used for the manufacture of glass, arsenic can easily be absorbed by the cells lead to poisoning, and nearby glass factory has become a high incidence of cancer, Apple said that since after 2008, they had already said goodbye to the elements.

  Beryllium: Beryllium contact with it can cause human lung problems, and Apple also mentioned that they do not have all the new products that use beryllium metal element.

  Brominated flame retardants: Obviously, most of the world people are willing to phase out the chemical. Apple said that, starting in 2008, they set out to make it disappear in their products, including circuit boards and connectors, and so on. Apple also uses a metal hydroxide and a phosphorus compound to replace the brominated flame retardants, Apple said that alternatives are safe.

  Lead: Pb harm to humans and the environment should not be underestimated, and in 2006, the screen glass and solder have appeared in the lead, but then, this dangerous chemical elements disappear in Apple products.

  Mercury: that is, we often mention mercury, since after 2009, no detectable mercury Apple products, Apple mentioned that they use mercury-free light-emitting diodes instead of fluorescent mercury as a basis for the screen.

  PVC and phthalates: these substances are usually present in the power source line and headphone line, and now Apple thermoplastic elastomer to replace them. Apple said they tested dozens of recipes only to find them, and Apple took four years to polyvinyl chloride stripped from their products, and now, durable, safe and environmentally friendly materials finally become the PVC alternatives, and Apple decided to use a thermoplastic elastomer until today.
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