Monday, April 18, 2016

Apple's Chinese official website buy iPhone SE truth turned out to be ..

Apple's Chinese official website buy iPhone SE truth turned out to be ..

Yesterday, news that sent the industry chain, weak iPhone6s sales, which makes Apple had to cut its orders again, but before they had cut off 30% of the orders. Before iPhone7 not released iPhone6s weak sales, it is no better way for Apple to ease, this pains them, obviously not rely iPhoneSE.
Why not buy Apple's Chinese official website iPhoneSE? The truth turned out to be ... jpg
Speaking iPhoneSE, must be said that under a strange phenomenon, this phone there are now no goods to sell in some of the United States, China and other countries, this phone is not selling very good for you? The fact can not.

Now, the message given by the Japanese industry news, said, iPhoneSE sold out was the result of the case, the most fundamental reason is less.

Mentioned in the report, Apple's behalf of the business revealed that Apple simply do not want to produce enough iPhoneSE, this happens mostly, it's too niche audience, but iPhone7 coming soon, so in addition to those 4-inch loyal users, more people are still willing to hold out the rest waiting for a new iPhone.

In addition, Apple deliberately suppressed production scale, there is a factor iPhoneSE, that is fully prepare iPhone7, after all, it is all the focus this year.

So overall it come, iPhoneSE demand in general, do not want more apple production, inventory pressure finally forced a disguised sale, followed by the human, material and other resources left iPhone7.

iPhoneSE itself is very sad reminder, selling 10 million may feel a lot of the outside world, but for Apple, really did not matter, in the final analysis just a feeling product, you will buy the 4-inch iPhone do?
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