Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Apple Watch2 released in June or push to join LG OLED screen

Apple Watch2 released in June or push to join LG OLED screen

Tuesday, informed sources said Apple plans to launch new smart watch this year in June. Informed sources said: "Recent Advances in Apple's supply chain system shows that the new Apple Watch will be available in June." He also said that Apple will install OLED screen in the new smart watch. LG Display will be the second-generation Apple Watch screen, the major suppliers.
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To mitigate risks, Apple also other arrangements, the company offers a display. Insiders said that Samsung monitor (Samsung Display) will supply part of the OLED screen to Apple. Another insider from Apple Korea joint venture, said: "Apple will be a major supplier of LG Display, Samsung Display will also provide some screen."
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Energy OLED screen than conventional LCD screen lower, richer colors, darker black. Investment bank Cowen analyst Timothy Arcuri (Timothy Arcuri) believe, OLED screens for Apple to bring greater design freedom, because the screen better flexibility, but also can be bent.

An important feature of the new Apple Watch is slimmer than its predecessor, Apple has asked LG Innotek and Samsung Electro provide thinner printed circuit board. LG Display, LG Innotek and Samsung Electronics declined to comment on a new watch.

Apple purchase key components for the company's flagship device from East Asia, when Apple introduced new products, LG, Samsung Group subsidiaries share price will be affected. Insider said: "Apple is working to develop mobile payment services Apple Pay, some believe new fashion, slim Apple Watch smart watches could push demand heating up."
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