Sunday, May 1, 2016

Apple requires app native support from Watch OS2 June 1

Apple requires app native support from Watch OS2 June 1 

Apple requires app native support from Watch OS2 June 1

  According to foreign media reports, Apple officially announced the media, from June 1 this year onwards all Apple Watch app businesses have native support Watch OS 2. If there is no update on the development, Apple will reject its application shelves App Store.

  From September last year since Apple released Watch OS 2, developers can publish local applications to App Store. Prior to this, all of Apple Watch all applications with iPhone conduct Watch application on the link, and your iPhone can make a series of remote control for Apple Watch, which can greatly extend the battery life of the watch. Of course, this also means that you are using your application when there will be a certain degree of slowing down, the Apple Watch is fluent in a certain effect.

  Watch OS native support for applications 2 compared to the previous application did not function any important updates. But you can guarantee is that because it is native support Watch OS 2, it will be in use on more smoothly.

  Watch OS 2 added some interesting features, such as time travel mode, the user directly to their own contact list is set to one friend on the Apple Watch, then you can predict what will happen and what changes in the next few hours Trend. Users can choose their favorite theme as a new background image from the time-lapse photography, albums and photos.

  In addition, the new system is more open to developers permission to help third-party applications can be more on the Apple Watch, enhancing its independence, rather than relying on the iPhone. Note that if you want to upgrade Watch OS 2 system first upgrade your phone to iOS 9 system.

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