Saturday, April 23, 2016

Apple or direct introduction of iPhone 8?

Apple or direct introduction of iPhone 8?

There is no such possibility that Apple will not release the iPhone 7S, but from the iPhone 7 jump directly to the iPhone 8 it?

  This is a suggestion to Apple analyst Mark Moskowitz. Of course, Mark Moskowitz had also been talked about for 2017 iPhone 8 expectations, he thinks it will be a very exciting smartphone.

As to why he was so looking forward to Apple directly in 2017 to bring iPhone 8, all because he was not optimistic about the iPhone 7.

  By Mark Moskowitz's words, iPhone 7 just a normal iteration of Apple's smartphones only, Apple, as always, it will bring some improvements, that is to say, they are still ripe "re-create."

  Although the iPhone 7 may have some new features, such as the disappearance of 3.5mm headphone jack, but exciting changes from the current coming out of the news, it seems, not yet.

  Analysts also believe, iPhone sales this year will fall at least 1.8 percent compared with 2015. It is clear that Apple's strategy has been highly cyclical challenges, we often referred to in the past period of time, and this is one of the biggest problem Apple faces.

  However, despite a reduction of 1.8% of sales, iPhone still can stand the pinnacle of the global smart phone sales chart, after all, its foundation is still there.

  iPhone 7 already seems to show signs of weakness, then if Apple, as always conservative launch iPhone 7S, which looks more iPhone sales will slow down, so, it would be better to reinvent the wheel, so that iPhone off again, and let iPhone 8 directly carrying more black & soon to stimulate the market, it would be an effective strategy.

  You know, competitors have been eyeing behind it.

  As a good movie if only some of the clips have to compact the story, then it is bound to usher in a word of mouth and box office double harvest. If a movie is obviously a time will be able to tell the story clearly, we have to split up and down two sets, it is clear that the audience will not buy it.

  Foreign analysts believe that today's Apple, in fact, in such a situation where procrastination.
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