Thursday, April 21, 2016

Apple no longer love iPhone7 Qualcomm baseband chip or using Intel

Apple no longer love iPhone7 Qualcomm baseband chip or using Intel

Qualcomm CEO in the earnings conference call hinted that Apple's future iPhone phone might abandon Qualcomm baseband chip, or at least partially abandoned. Bloomberg reported that on Wednesday in conversations with analysts, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said he "assumed (assuming)" an important client modem will put Qualcomm baseband chip orders to other companies.
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Mollenkopf Apple did not mention the name, in fact, Apple and Samsung are Qualcomm's largest customer. Samsung is now on a baseband chip, Qualcomm has more than one supplier of this.

Apple is also possible to enable a number of modem chip vendors, thus eliminating potential capacity bottlenecks. But this strategy may make the product performance consistency becomes more difficult, after all, are two different modem chips may have different performance, whether it is connected to power or the performance of the cellular data network.

If this rumor is true, in fact, now it is not clear Apple could turn Which modem chip supplier, Intel may be more promising. A report last October mentioned, Intel may provide modem chips for the next generation iPhone, Apple has let a team of Intel engineers in optimizing the 7360 modem.

So iPhone7 may use Intel's modem, that is, this year will push the new version iPhone-- may be released in September this year. If Apple has not done so from year to push a new iPhone, Apple is not much time left, after all iPhone7 production probably will begin in July, preliminary tests need to take time.
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