Thursday, April 21, 2016

Apple is eligible folding camera patents: iPhone7 or with

Apple is eligible folding camera patents: iPhone7 or with

According to foreign media reports, Apple has received is called "folding telephoto camera lens system," the new patent, patent describes can cause future iPhone smartphone rear camera will no longer be raised.

  According to reports, this number is 9316810 Apple obtained a patent called "folding telephoto camera lens system", from the details given by the USPTO, the camera in order to solve the problems raised, they designed this " foldable telephoto camera lens system, "see its design ideas, which is very reminiscent of the old-fashioned periscope.

  Patent detail display, light entering the primary lens through specular reflection, and then subjected to sub-lens focus to the imaging sensor. Deputy Lens moved up and down a small margin - even if only a fraction of a millimeter, the system can produce the effect of a telephoto lens, but the key is that this folding telephoto lens and wide-angle lens can be used in conjunction with standard, the user can freely choose which lens.

  Surprise to the outside world is that Apple consider folding telephoto lens used in conjunction with the standard wide-angle lens, the user can freely choose which lens.

  In addition, after iPhone6 ​​release, there have been rumors that Apple will provide iPhone dual rear camera, about the "iPhone7" with dual rear camera rumors of high credibility. Large supply chain reports and spy photos show iPhone 7 will configure dual rear camera, it means that Apple will be patented folding telephoto lens earlier into commercial products.
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