Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Apple co-founder Wozniak: Apple Watch not use eggs

Apple co-founder Wozniak: Apple Watch not use eggs

Apple co-founder Wozniak: Apple Watch not use eggs

 April 19, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (SteveWozniak) said this w
eek that in recent years the use of small wearable device, even Apple's own Apple Watch smart watches as well.
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  Sydney "Future Transportation Summit" on this week, Wozniak said wearable device is not "attractive objects can be purchased." He calculated that the capacity is not strong, and the need to rely on mobile phones to networking equipment such greatest advice right.
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  Wozniak hopes to provide as many hardware features. He said, the iPhone 4 hardware-based speech recognition performance of their own good, for example, can help users to easily call contacts. However, iPhone4s integrated Siri voice assistant after this feature you need to use the network, availability has decreased.

  He said that in trying to use Apple Watch payment to buy things, he often found himself lost in the home of iPhone, so Apple Watch was unable to complete the transaction network. It made him feel very disappointed. (In fact, using Apple Watch does not need to pay close to the iPhone.)

  He believes that the overall situation of Apple Watch, the "spend some money, but to give my life to bring a little extra convenience."

  Wozniak pointed out, wearable device always needs to be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, but actually have a Bluetooth headset to make the user feel inconvenience. Users will soon have a similar feeling to the current wearable device, and Apple is not immune. "Some people think that as long as the marked Apple's brand, people will line up to buy. I think, Apple Watch also need to do more."

  Other points Wozniak spoke at the event include:

  - Manned car someday only travel in a particular lane.

  - Semi-automatic driving a car will be the mainstream, because in the foreseeable future, for manual intervention is still necessary to avoid accidents.

  - Intelligent System will be applied, the car will not be able to break through the red light.

  - Apple never imagined allow the computer to save music and movies, as well as a home computer network via broadband networking.

  - Virtual Reality breakthrough will occur in the gaming industry.

  - Generation of Apple II computers is largely due to hot, so gamers Atari from dependence on expensive proprietary ecosystem.

  He also said that in the first day of the open sale of Tesla Model3, he ordered one. Although it is not clear that the details of the car, but he thinks should go to line up to buy.
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