Thursday, April 14, 2016

Apple Apple Car concept map released this car really long?

Apple Apple Car concept map released this car really long?

Apple's Project Titan unmanned vehicle project since the end of last year after the disclosure, then there is no public media coverage. On the one hand may be because Apple's strict confidentiality policy, on the one hand the project is still in the early design phase is currently no good publicity. But the industry's attention and fans still can not be underestimated, in the car magazine Motor Trend published a few Apple Car conceptual diagram, Apple Car once again become a hot topic in technology media.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the opening of a few conceptual diagram to explain this may not really Apple Cars (It is not the real Apple Car.), But Motor Trend magazine really sparked speculation that Apple car exterior design enthusiasm.

Apple Apple Car in the previous several months without much news, it was Tucao because no Chinese companies to enter the industry chain, otherwise it will be like in recent years, the iPhone , as was exposed Chinese assembly plant and operator personnel detailed look and parameters.

There are four kinds of speculation:

1. Apple could in nearly a year out of the smart car's exterior design, Motor Trend magazine advisory Pasadena ArtCenter designers, because Apple is also in this area, and also ArtCenter School of customers , so some people speculated that there is a conceptual diagram may be close to Apple Car design.

2. Tesla Model 3 and a half year ahead of publication and sale, production and sale service of the hands of users need 2--3 years, Apple may also adopt a similar model, which will require in a year Apple car preliminary design have announced, snatch depleted pedelec users, so the probability of large companies will come forward to respond to Apple. But Apple has been a master hanging users' expectations, it may also be coupled with media hype rounds and then released Apple Car true colors.

3. Apple released the new season from the earnings and far different from the Christmas holiday shopping season, Apple already in second-quarter 2016 earnings expected iPhone sales will be first time in years to decline, Apple will face another bearish Wall Street, it is necessary to come out with Project Titan to maintain the market for Apple's future profitability expectations.

4. The concept map is Motor Trend magazine's idea out of thin air, the magazine is to publicize and attract more subscribers.
Apple car 2.jpg
Because Apple did not respond to the current and previous Apple is planning Apple Smart car was listed in 2019, it is not known whether Apple will choose to present publicly its preliminary design. Although Apple Car set 2019 listed, but Project Titan there are thousands of people involved in the development, Apple had also been carried out to find closed beta site, so it may have on the development of the preliminary results. For a car, four years from scratch to design, develop, test, release, production and sale are very tight, and Apple is also facing pressure on Wall Street capital markets, we need to come up with a huge product support market capitalization.

Apple Apple Car currently known information and the problems faced:

1. Apple to subvert the mobile phone user into the era of smart phones, so the fans and the industry for its ability to redesign cars have high expectations. It was a joke, nearly two generations of iPhone design ho not good, is Apple's powerful design staff have been transferred to the design of the Apple Car.

2. Apple last year vigorously recruiting researchers smart car, the Tesla CEO Musk was also cause a rebound, but the Project Titan Project Leader Zadesky leave in January this year, this is not a good signal.

3. Apple is looking for previous test site, choose an abandoned naval base in California GoMentum, here is Google smart car after the test sites. But not really Apple Car description method proceeds to the extent of the testing can be carried out on the road.
Apple car 3.jpg
4. Although the company is considered Apple hardware manufacturing company, but most products are OEM factories in Asia, Apple CEO Cook is supply chain management guru. But Apple's current supply chain does not have the ability to produce the car, so Apple is in contact with BMW and other auto companies, negotiate co-production matters of the car, but now big car groups are also developing their own electric car, Apple to find a suitable foundries need a lot of negotiations. Apple's current strategy may be the most likely developed a control interface of the car, vehicle production should also cooperate with car manufacturers, not to break the existing pattern of interests and can take advantage of Apple into the market is the best at something.

5. While Apple's deep pockets, with $ 200 billion in cash reserves, but also can learn Tesla, early release and sale, lock the user and profitability. Because the current in the field of intelligent electric car companies too much competition, Google, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford invested in Apple to enter the automotive market is relatively little late, when in 2019, Apple could face a overcrowded market, so Apple needs some users locked in advance, in order to ensure the rate of return of the project.

6. Tesla has been great, the BMW i8 in design is also cool enough, the Porsche Group is the master design, so the later Apple introduced the more troublesome own Apple Car, because the market is limited. Analysts expect self-driving cars in 2020 will be more than $ 25 billion market autonomous vehicles to 2035 production will be 11.8 million, accounting for 10% of the world market, it seems a lot, but high-end users is limited, may not be enough so many competing companies points.

Apple Car After getting closer, beneficial speculation and observe the program stakeholders are keen analyst of things, I believe the future for Apple Apple Car reports will be more up. Motor Trend magazine published a conceptual diagram is not cool, so it may be envisaged magazine editor, not really. As for the Motor Trend magazine published a conceptual diagram meets the expectations of the fans, is a matter of opinion, to stimulate discussion is always good, chances are you can really bring more insider disclosed really Apple Car yet.
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