Saturday, April 16, 2016

Apple adds new features to Apple TV4 watch live via Siri

Apple adds new features to Apple TV4 watch live via Siri

Apple today is the fourth generation of Apple TV launched a series of new features, the most important new feature, called Live Tune-In, which allows users to Siri voice commands direct viewing portion APP provides live channel. The company specializes recommended CBS, ESPN and Disney XD APP, APP has three models support Live Tune-In function, but it did not say when the other broadcast channels APP built support Live Tune-In.

  To use Live Tune-In, Apple TV users can speak commands against Siri remote control, such as "Watch CBS", or explicitly requested "to see live on ESPN." Other features of this fourth-generation Apple TV also includes obtaining support for folders and Bluetooth keyboard.
Apple adds new features to Apple TV4 watching live .jpg by Siri
  However, some built-in broadcast channels APP requires a paid subscription to watch live users, including Apple recommended CBS APP. Other built-in functions are not supported Live Live Tune-In function of APP, further comprising ABC and Food channels.

Recently Apple's Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet software and services sector and Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering guest US talk show The Talk Show, the two executives in charge of Apple's software gives us some information about the fourth generation of Apple TV's Good news.
  In the talk show host with John Gruber, the two Apple executives have mentioned, the fourth generation of the future Apple will launch a new Apple TV Remote application, full support for Siri Remote Remote or on Apple TV remote control all functions, let users through iPhone will be able to perfect the new remote control Apple TV.

  Eddy Cue said that in the next few months will be updated Apple Remote application, iPhone users can input function as an input in the new Apple TV on; Craig Federighi said the new Remote application will support Siri voice control function.
  Moreover, the new Remote application also take into account the game control, which means that if there are multiple users to play games on the new Apple TV, in addition to using the built-in Siri Remote remote controller, the installation of a new version of Remote Applications iPhone can also act as joysticks.

  The new Remote application allow users to be able to more choice in addition to Siri Remote remote control, and even the former can replace the latter, and for multi-user control is also a big benefit for gamers to save the cost of additional external handle .
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